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My Message to Stephen Harper

November 27, 2009

There was a lovely story this week about a group of high school students in Mississauga who, to show their concern for the environment, decide to give Stephen Harper a call and ask him to please show some leadership on the issue – or at least show up at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference next month.

So many of them called that someone at the PMO actually phoned their school and asked them to stop calling!

These particular students were participating in a “Global Wake-Up Call” action promoted by AVAAZ, but the David Suzuki Foundation has also been encouraging people to call Stephen Harper, and has even turned it into a contest: videotape your call, post it to their site, and the top five videos win a MEC gift certificate and a personal call from David Suzuki.

Well, who can resist that?

Unfortunately, I’m having some trouble uploading it to David Suzuki’s website. I tried several times to register, but for some reason their email verification isn’t getting through to me. I even tried a different email address – no luck. So if anyone has an account over at the David Suzuki Foundation, please upload my video for me. Thanks!

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