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Video Shares Visions of Canada’s New Global Role in the World

October 30, 2009

Canada’s World has recently released a beautiful new animated video (props to former CW staff member Reilly and the folks at Giant Ant Media for its creation) which discusses modern ideas about what our nation’s role in the world should be. What DO we really want Canada to look like in the future?

This video is young, fresh and full of idealism — but I’m hoping that it will also succeed at promoting some serious discussions among Canadians about what WE would like our nation’s foreign policy to involve — and what type of Canada we want to share with the world.

Do we want our nation to be one that is involved in foreign conflicts or anti-interference? One that is friendly with the U.S. or antagonistic towards the policies of our southern neighbours? One that is peacekeeping or one that is known as a global military presence? One that promotes diversity and multiculturalism or background-merging melting pot? Do we want to retain Canada’s past image, or create new ones that reflect contemporary concepts of global identity? What should we be known for?

These are hard questions. They do not involve easy answers — but it is my opinion that they should, at the very least, involve a lot of discussion and debate among Canadian citizens — not just within the government. As the world becomes more and more participatory due to social media and net-based advances in interaction, our roles as citizens are changing drastically — and direct participation in our nation’s future has become more possible than ever before. I’m hoping that this video, in its small way, provides us with a starting point down that path. Let me know what you think of it — I really respect your opinions.

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