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New Canada/U.S. border requirements come into effect tomorrow.

May 31, 2009

So the new passport border requirements between Canada, Mexico and the United States come into effect tomorrow, which will require travelers to provide passport, enhanced drivers licenses (ie: pre-screened drivers) and those who use pre-screening security verification from NEXUS. So is this merely a blip on the radar toward greater integration? Or part of a broader continental shift away from trade and travel liberalization? Maybe. Maybe not.

Already, Americans are being advised to, starting tomorrow, view Canada as a “foreign country”. Of course, we were always a “foreign country” technically. But, really, will the passport requirement offer any real security benefit, or is it just another way to hinder cross-border commerce and travel? If we wanted to be cynical, we might even suggest this is just another quick cash grab for government and government-friendly companies like Nexus who provide cross-border verification services and “enhanced” drivers licenses for frequent border travelers.

But then, no need to be that cynical, right?

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