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Torture Memos, Mulroney Inquiries, and North American Regime Change

April 24, 2009

How much truth will a commission of inquiry bear? And how different is the Mulroney Inquiry in Canada and the (likely) Congressional investigation in the “torture” memos, from “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions” we see in other countries, dealing with post-war strife and regime change?

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  1. Graham permalink
    April 28, 2009 10:43 am

    Personally, I do not believe this is the time for the inquiries, rather I believe this is Stephen Harper creating distractions from issues that are more important.

  2. marakardasnelson permalink*
    April 27, 2009 4:25 am

    Hi Jon,

    Great post. I agree that it’s fascinating the difference in language used to describe these type of truth and reconciliation activities when they take place in the “global south” and “global north.” We tend to look on atrocities that happen in the “developed world” as somehow more egregious and therefore more base: while in Canada and the U.S. we experience and are party to many gross violations of human rights, they are often hidden under layers of politicking and, perhaps more important, often take place on other people’s soil.

    I applaud both the Mulroney Inquiries and the (hopefully realised) Congressional investigation in the U.S. With regards to the way that the U.S. should go about such an investigation, it seems clear that following the model of the TRC in South Africa would be more appropriate than “justice and retribution.” After eight years of cover-ups and lies, the most important thing, both for the American people and the world, would be to know the truth behind what occurred. I believe that this would help to further awaken a sometimes complacent nation about the true power of it’s leaders, and lead its citizens to hold them more accountable.

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