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My Man Denis on the Fox News Debacle

March 24, 2009

One of my very favourite blogs is ‘Dead Things ON Sticks’, the oddly named musings of one Denis McGrath, former CityTV producer and current writer for ‘The Border’ and other Canadian television gems.

He is also one of the most intelligent and well-informed champions of Canadian television I’ve ever read.  Perhaps it’s because he used to be an American, but he somehow manages to puncture all our angst-ridden cultural self-loathing and ask, “What the HELL is wrong with you people that you don’t value and promote your own culture?!”

Today, he draws a straight line between the deplorable denigration of our troops and our country on Fox News, and our unseemly willingness to sacrifice our very identity as a nation on the altar of U.S. network television.

On every blog, every Canadian news site, every posting where there’s false breast beating and crocodile tears now, I wish you’d remind the right wing, sad neocon trolls that this is the fruit they asked for — every time they mocked and derided their own artists, and writers, and reporters, and storytellers. So desperate they were to be approved of, to be liked, to show that — far from being Anti-American — they loved America as much as Americans did!

The pure, unvarnished, terrible, awful truth? You want it? Really? Here goes.

You’re not American.

It doesn’t matter how much FOX News you watch, or how you ape and applaud George W. Bush or Cheney, or how you beat your chest when PM Harper plays from the Karl Rove book. You are not American, and you never will be American, though you eschew any cultural product from your home save the occasional hockey game; though you whinge and look down on your national broadcaster and rush headlong to embrace the programming arm of that same news channel that spits on your war dead…you will never make up for the truth that is this: you are not American and they do not care about you.

Go read the rest.

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