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Jason Kenney’s Personal War on Terror

March 20, 2009

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has never been shy about expressing his opinions.  Through the course of his long political career, he has referred to U.S. war resistors as “bogus refugee claimants”, compared Hezbollah to the Nazi Party, and made the curious argument that marriage laws did not discriminate against homosexuals because they were always free to marry someone of the opposite sex.

More recently, Mr. Kenny has been engaged in a cat fight with the Canadian Arab Federation, discontinuing funding for their immigrant language programs after their equally outspoken president called him a “professional whore”.  Kenney has accused both the CAF and the Canadian Islamic Congress of being “anti-Semitic” groups that “support terrorism”, and has stated that he is taking “public comments” into account when reviewing all funding to such groups.

The latest casualty of Jason Kenney’s crusade is Scottish MP George Galloway.

Outspoken anti-war MP George Galloway has vowed to fight an ‘outrageous decision’ to ban him from Canada on the grounds of national security.

Mr Galloway said the ban was ‘not something I’m prepared to accept’ and pledged to use all means at his disposal to challenge the ruling.

But a spokesman for Canada’s immigration minister Jason Kenney insisted the decision, taken by border security officials, would not be overturned for a ‘infandous* street-corner Cromwell’ (*’infandous: too odious to be expressed or mentioned).

Mr Galloway was due to give a speech in Toronto on March 30 but has been deemed ‘inadmissible’ to Canada under section 34(1) of the country’s immigration act.

… Mr Velshi said: ‘We’re going to uphold the law, not give special treatment to this infandous street-corner Cromwell who actually brags about giving ‘financial support’ to Hamas, a terrorist organisation banned in Canada.

‘I’m sure Galloway has a large Rolodex of friends in regimes elsewhere in the world willing to roll out the red carpet for him. Canada, however, won’t be one of them.’

Regardless of what you think of Galloway, barring a sitting Member of the British Parliament as a ‘terrorist sympathizer’ can only be described as absurd. Especially when the Obama administration is reaching out to some of the very groups and governments that Galloway and others targeted by Kenney are accused of supporting.

Mr. Kenney seems to think it’s still 2002. Or maybe 1950.

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  1. corsullivan permalink*
    March 21, 2009 11:35 am

    Between Jason Kenney and Gary Goodyear, you could almost swear that Michael Ignatieff must have invented some kind of mind-affecting raygun that he can use to zap members of Harper’s cabinet and destroy their judgement.

    In Kenney’s (slight) defense, however, “infandous” is a great word, and there are apparently allegations that Galloway was planning to actually raise money for Hamas during his trip to Canada. This would be a fairly blatant violation of Canadian law. One can argue that the law is ill-judged, but as long as it remains in effect, should we really admit someone – even a British MP – who is apparently determined to trample all over it?

    Thanks to the internet, however, banning Galloway from entering Canada hardly means that Canadians will be unable to hear (or at least read) what he has to say. This Guardian piece gives some of his views on the ban, and on Canada’s role in Afghanistan. I don’t entirely agree, especially with the Afghanistan part, but I have to admit I laughed aloud when I read that being banned by Kenney was “like being told to sit up straight by the hunchback of Notre Dame”. That’s even better than calling someone infandous.

    • March 21, 2009 9:17 pm

      ‘infandous’ is a great word, if only because it’s the first time in at least a decade and a half that I’ve read something and had absolutely no clue what it meant or if it was even a real word. I read somewhere that it has not been used since the early 18th century, although I can’t imagine how you would know something like that. Gods know where Mr. Velshi picked it up.

      The ‘raising money for Hamas’ accusation apparently refers to Galloway’s aid caravan that went from London to Gaza and delivered over $1 million in aid to the people of Gaza. Aid as in food, blankets, medical equipment – stuff on trucks. Not cash. Not rockets.

      It’s possible that some point the items from the caravan passed through Hamas’ hands, but then so does everything else in Gaza. Does that mean we should stop sending aid altogether?

      The engagement in Toronto (at Metropolitan United) was supposed to be to raise money for another caravan.

  2. reneethewriter permalink
    March 20, 2009 11:22 pm

    Once again, greenjenny, you hit it out of the park. Awesome post, particularly in light of Minister Kenney’s recent remarks re immigration and “Eng/French” language requirements before granting of Canadian citizenship. Interested in your thoughts on that one…R


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