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Robert Fisk on Canada; PM Harper in the Wall Street Journal

March 1, 2009

Robert Fisk, for the Independent, socks it to Canada in a light read on the recent skirmish between the federal National Battlefields Commission and the P.Q. and the Bloc: the cancellation of the three-day Plains of Abraham battle re-enactment.  The squabble allows Fisk to get in some great digs.

The money quote: “The Toronto Globe and Mail – whose writers sometimes give the impression that they would like to ship all non-Anglo-Saxon Canadians back to where they came from.”

Another Sunday read: Prime Minister Harper spoke to the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and took on NATO: “Harper says Afghan mission major NATO test.” The pronouncement seems to continue the dialogue established by the U.S. President – that in Afghanistan, NATO allies must come forward to support troop increases and “other options.”

Might Canada’s Prime Minister, in his decision to speak to Wall Street, rather than directly to Canadians, be seen as “carrying Obama’s water” on U.S. foreign policy?

For good measure, our Prime Minister both ascribed to another country’s government an ideology – in this case, Iran – and then described it as “evil” which it may well be but the phrase sounds a whole lot more  like old Ronald Reagan than new Obama – perhaps a nod to Mr. Harper’s own ideological pedigree?

And finally, a continuing demand: when will our Prime Minister reconcile discrepancies in the price-tag for our Afghan Mission?

A new government estimate claims costs as high as $11.3 billion by 2011 which is at odds with parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page. In October, he estimated mission costs at $18.1 billion or $1, 500 per Canadian household.

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  1. Tim Gallagher permalink
    March 1, 2009 12:28 pm

    Interesting article – I suspect the war price tag will be at the higher end of the two estimates.

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