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Canadian troubles… World Crises

December 6, 2008

Corwin has offered an excellent riposte (and post!) to my earlier take on Canada’s political scene. Let me first say it would be, on my part, unconscionable to pit Canada’s constitutional and/or political troubles against Zimbabwean’s strife and hardship. Nor compare it to the recent terrible events in Mumbia.

On Zimbabwe, I think British PM has taken the right step here: calling on the world, in the spirit of past global consensus against apartheid, to join in chorus to say to Mugabe: enough is enough. This is no time for ghosts of Haiti, with Western powers working out deals “behind the scenes” to skirt political processes and scuttle leaders to safe third countries. This is something Zimbabweans can, and should work out, but as I have argued before, the international community does have a role to play: speak united. And let Zimbabweans hear.

On Mumbai – Can much be said about the tragedies? About the senselessness of it all? Or has all that needs to be said, been said, by those most deeply affected, those who have lost the most, such that we must pass over in silence, in respect, at least for now. Perhaps, perhaps not.

World concern aside, Canadian anxiety about these uncertain economic times, I sense, is very real. Sadly, the hubris and arrogance of our politicians has only exacerbated the problem. Are we on the verge of collapse? Of course not, as Adam points out. But as Canada has seemed to transform overnight from a country returning stable majority governments, to political instability and senseless politicking, we need leadership. And fast.

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