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Conflict, inégalité, climate

May 6, 2008

Conflict is changing – Last Sunday the Navy commemorated the Battle of the North Atlantic – the fight for control of shipping routes between North America and Britain that killed over 4,000 Canadians and left us with a Navy of 110,000 personnel, the third largest Allied Navy in the world. Compare that to today, when we have a Navy of 9,000 sailors. While looking back, the Canadian military also looked forward this weekend: the Army wants to buy new armoured minesweeping vehicles. Makes sense, since most of the 82 soldiers killed in Afghanistan were victims of roadside bombs

Inégalité mondiale – Le Canada verse 50 millions de dollars de plus au Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM) pour lutter contre la crise alimentaire. 10 de ces 50 millions de dollars seront consacrés directement à Haïti, et 100% de l’aide sera “déliée“; c’est-à-dire, l’aide ne sera pas liée à l’achat des denrées Canadiennes, ce qui rentabilise au maximum l’argent destiné au pays bénéficiaire. Néanmoins, Vision Mondiale Canada croit que le Canada peut faire plus, particulièrement des investissements additionels dans les solutions à long terme.

Climate change – Canada Pension Plan money is being invested in a controversial electricity project in Chile. Environmentalists are ticked off, while residents of the affected region of Chile are divided, since jobs and investment are always desired in these less developed parts of the world. Making decisions in these cases is a challenge for anyone – but might be less difficult for those influenced by the 10,000 brochures sent out to Canadian schoolchildren by climate change skeptics in the US, which deny that human activity is affecting global temperatures.

Photo of the Aysen region of Chile by flickr user CIbustos

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