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Canada’s role in Earth Hour

March 31, 2008

Canada leads the world in Earth Hour events, according to the World Wildlife Federation. 100,000 Canadians signed the online petition saying they would participate by shutting off their electricity between 8 and 9 pm on Saturday March 29th. Toronto’s CN Tower, Montreal’s Mont Royal Cross and the Ottawa Peace Tower, along with several other public buildings and landmarks across Canada, were turned off in celebration of the event. CTV reports a 5% drop in energy use in Ontario for that hour as a result.

Blogs are in on the action, of course, from all over the spectrum – both Treehugger and Petro-Canada are earthing up their hour. And blogger Ryan McNutt liveblogs the event (with pen and paper and tongue in cheek, of course).

But does it matter? Read a dissenting opinion about Earth Hour from the Ottawa Citizen and share your own view with us in our conversation forums about climate change. And check back with us for reports from our upcoming regional dialogues, where randomly selected Canadians will be sharing their visions for Canada’s role on a warming planet.

Photo from flickr user SirCharlie.

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  1. April 2, 2008 9:53 pm

    Read Vincent Mounier’s nice post on Earth Hour at :
    Climate Change is about changing all year long, one small step at the time. Let’s hope the candles of Earth Hour will light our path ahead.

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